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The 6 Best Ways to Increase Your Organic TikTok Engagement

Increase Your Organic TikTok Engagement

TikTok is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social networking sites right now.

However, making a reputation for oneself on TikTok has never been more challenging. That’s because there’s always something fresh to see.

Yet, increasing your account’s interaction rate might be one of the best ways to grow your account so that the TikTok algorithm can enhance your visibility.

You’ll need to raise your game to become a viral sensation on TikTok.

1. What is the formula for determining your TikTok engagement rate?

The level of participation in a social media platform is the key to unlocking its meaning.

By tracking the number of comments, shares, likes, and other actions readers take in response to your material, you may know your audience’s interest in what you have to say.

Per-video engagement rate on TikTok may be calculated to show you how well your content is doing.

Simply divide the total number of interactions (likes, comments, and shares) by the number of videos on the profile, and you’ll have your answer. Multiply that figure by 100 after dividing it by the total number of times the video has been seen.

Strategies for generating interest in TikTok

Why does everyone, from solo artists to major corporations, want more significant interaction with their work?

For want of a better word, the TikTok algorithm is very dependent on interaction.

The TikTok algorithm considers several things when determining which videos to recommend to your visitors on the For You page. Likes, shares, and followers on social media accounts are examples of user activity that may be measured.

The information of a video, such as its description, audio, and hashtags, may also be considered by the TikTok algorithm.

You probably already know that one of the easiest methods to find inspiration and keep up with trends is to check out what your rivals are up to on social media.

Which characteristics do these different brands share?

They’ve each established an individual presence in the online world.

To a large extent, users’ individuality and creativity determine their success on TikTok. Being human on TikTok is essential for companies to blend in, as the app is primarily a community of producers sharing true content.

2. Prepare a keyword strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for written content to rank on Google is comparable to that of social media in terms of planning and design.

You may increase the likelihood that the algorithm will choose your video by using specific keywords and hashtags, which will increase the number of people who will be able to see it.

Using the caption section to explain your video and include keywords can aid the TikTok algorithm in recognizing your upload. Perhaps your chances of connecting with your audience will decrease if you empty all that white space.

3. Keep posting and get to know your audience.

Consistent content publication is essential to TikTok’s growth, even if you’re not required to update every day.

The more your output, the more probable it is that others will stumble across your videos and participate in them.

If you think your job is done because you’ve published a lot of material, think again.

Identifying when your target demographic is online is essential. If you want to maximize exposure and interaction with your material, post it when your target audience is most likely online.

When your video is up, examine the stats to see when your viewers are most engaged. You may use this information to build a publishing schedule and identify patterns in user interactions.

Compared to Instagram, which has peak activity during the typical 9–5 workday, TikTok users seem more engaged first thing in the morning and later in the evening.

And if you ever find yourself at a loss for what to share, consider looking at these Eleven TikTok Content Ideas for Every Company.

4. Join forces with key opinion leaders.

Adding influential people in your field who use TikTok is a simple method to get more views. It’s possible that their followers will find value in your material and opt to engage with it.

To create a viral challenge, you may try contacting popular users of the video-sharing platform TikTok. Because of the mutual benefits to both authors and their audiences, this tactic has widespread favor.

In addition, you may use the Stitch and Duet functions available on TikTok. These interactive features have the potential to increase viewership on TikTok significantly.

Stitch allows you to add a portion of another person’s video to your own. In contrast, Duet allows you to broadcast your video alongside the original, so you may synchronize the actions or answer in real-time.

So, you may reap the benefits of influencer connections without leaving your chair.

5. Share and promote your videos on other platforms 

You might be surprised how few marketers use this seemingly easy TikTok exploit.

Getting more people to notice your TikTok account is essential if you want more people to watch your videos and interact with you there.

Just how are you able to pull that off?

Namely, by informing your existing social media followers about your TikTok presence.

A simple caption on a post, “Wow, I’m on TikTok now! Stop by and check out my excellent material, “may inspire loyal fans to participate more actively.

If you link your TikTok account to a place your target audience already frequents, you may save them the trouble of tracking you down.

6. Make use of TikTok’s question-and-answer functionality. 

Using the new Q&A feature on TikTok is a great way to engage your audience with material they care about.

Users can submit questions via a submission box, and the answers will be shown on the website the developer has made available. A video response from the author to submitted questions is an option.

Activating this function is as easy as visiting the settings page and clicking the “Creation tools” button. Next, select the Q&A option by selecting the corresponding button.


TikTok prioritises user-generated content.

Getting more TikTok followers isn’t the only method to have your content viewed. High user engagement and video views can be attributed to the interface’s emphasis on content discovery.

In this way, the quantity and quality of your material will determine the success of your efforts to build your community and spread the word about your business.

Even if things are moving more slowly than you’d like, know that someone is always ready to connect with and engage with your material. Yours will come to you in due time.

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