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Powerful Ways to Find Your Recent Followers on Instagram

how to find your recent followers on instagram

In recent times Instagram has become the most familiar social media platform in the world. With an eye-catchy interface and plenty of features, it attracts more users. People from different countries post millions of content daily, and the user engagement on Instagram is high compared to other social media platforms.

Instagram has become the platform to showcase your talents and develop your business. But many people use Instagram to relax by watching Instagram Reels, IGTV videos, and Short videos.

More than 95 million photos and videos are shared every day on Instagram. Because of massive responses from people worldwide, Instagram adds new features in every update for the users.  

Everyone on Instagram will have Curiosity to see who someone recently followed on Instagram, and here you’ll see some of the tricks to view recent followers.

Why To See Recent Followers On Instagram?

Every user on Instagram wants to boost the followers count for their account. If you are a brand who wants to get Instagram impressions to increase your reach, consider using potential ways to enhance your growth. Most creators or brands require the audience’s actions on their content to track the performance of their Instagram account. The main metric to be considered by brands or creators on Instagram is to find their recent followers and verify that they are real, to avoid bot followers. To make this process effective, Instagram has the option to remove the followers like bots, spammers, and abusers from your account.

In short, it helps us to know who are the new followers, and have the power to either keep them as your follower or remove them from your follower list.

How To See Recent Followers On Instagram

Get the recent followers by clicking your follower list, and see the followers list ordered from old to new. Clicking the “date followed: latest” from the “sort by” menu will allow you to find new followers.

A private account user can easily find new followers because private account users will receive the follow request from every new user. It is possible to identify the new users on Instagram.

Everybody has the Curiosity to see your friend’s followers/following list. You must monitor your kid’s followers/following list if you’re a parent. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have that tool or feature to see who someone followed recently on Instagram.

Though you can see the list of followers and followings of an account, it is impossible to identify the recent followers because the following/follower lists are not in the latest to earliest order. 

So there is no official way to see who someone followed recently on Instagram. Thus, it would help if you tried alternate ways to solve this problem.

How To See Who Recently Followed Someone On Instagram?- Solved

There is no official way to see who recently followed someone on Instagram. So you need to go for a third-party application to view recent followers of someone, but you need to pay for most of those apps, and you want to allow them to access Instagram. So you need to do this at your own risk. 

Some of the most famous applications are,

  • Snoopreport app
  • KidsGuard pro
  • Instagram followers tracking app

Find Recent Instagram Followers On Iphone And Android?

There is no built-in tool to see someone recently followed on Instagram on both iPhone and Android. You need to use the third-party application to see someone’s recent followers/followings on Android devices.

But on iPhone devices, you cannot even install third-party applications because it is highly secured and does not allow third-party apps to access the iPhone. Instead, they can use verified applications like KidsGuard pro, which will help the parents to monitor the kids.


Instagram provides regular updates to simplify the application but never adds a tool or feature to see Instagram followers. But in this article, I have explained some tricks to see someone’s recent Instagram followers/followings. Using third-party applications/websites is a risky business because you need to pay money and need to share your personal information.


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